“Rex Fabula” Chapter 3

Rex Fabula Chapter 3 Title PageHomare, just accept that you’re a nice guy and things will go a lot better for you :).  Haha! Homare is quite a surprising character.  I like how he manages to defuse the tension with Vid at the beginning of the chapter.  What to say about this chapter…well it seems to be more set-up.  We now kinda know why Homare is involved with the Mirror world and that he’s not the only student at his school who’s involved.  What’s next, though?  How do you get to talk to God, and who is Vid?

Oh!  And a few short notes about the chapter.  The narrative and dialog drifts between characters.  In parts it’s a bit hard to tell who’s thinking or speaking.  Try your best to put yourself into the flow to understand who’s speaking or thinking.  Hopefully, I was able to give sufficient English cues so the flow of the narrative and dialog can be understood.  If I didn’t then, I’m still learning and I’ll try better next time.  This is the first time I’ve encountered something this “boundary-less” so it was a real challenge to get it into English.

Links:  (Zip) (PDF)

The story moves on to the next phase in chapter 4. Anatomically correct monsters start showing up and the gambling aspect of the story starts kicking in.

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  1. Thank you very much this series and love this author’s previous

  2. Wew. This is turning out to be a good series. Homare gives the same vibe as Light from Death Note. Thank you guys for sharing this to us. 😀

  3. Homare’s foolish pride is funny! And what exactly is Vid’s true intentions. So looking forward to reading the next chapter. 😀

  4. Thanks for another interesting chapter! The fictional face-your-fears world sorta gives me an Afterschool Nightmare vibe. I’m still interested to see where this goes!

    (LOL, Homare could tell his landlord that he’s a “fictitious person,” and shouldn’t have to pay rent.)

  5. Thank you! Another fantastic chapter. I’m really enjoying this series so far. Btw, I think there’s a typo on pg 20: “You’ve to to be kidding me” should be “You’ve got to be kidding me”

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