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Aka Lala One-shot: “S no Kaikoroku” (“Memoirs of a Sadist”) by Akane Ogura

(Note: There are a few of you who have gotten the wrong idea. If you are looking for hard-core materials, this is not the place. This is a blog for more mature shoujo, shounen, and josei manga.)

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything on Bakeneko’s Lair.  I’ve been going through the process of changing the scope of the blog from shounen manga to mature and josei manga.  This is our first release under the new scope.

This is a one-shot from Aka Lala.  Aka Lala’s theme is “passion,” so many of the one-shots are quite intense.  I’m not gonna lie; this oneshot is disturbing. It gets into S & M more than I’m comfortable with, but at the same time it’s very thought provoking. Anyhow, if you are squeamish, I recommend staying away from this oneshot.  Also you might not want to look at this at work or with kids around.  Here’s the release link: Read the rest of this entry