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Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Chapter 7

“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” now resumes!  Instead of bi-monthly, it is now monthly!  Hooray!  It looks like in its monthly form it will be 16-pages per chapter.  It’s a nice length because it keeps the gags from running out of steam. Read the rest of this entry

“Seigi no Mikata” Chapter 2

“Seigi no Mikata” is now serialized in The Hana to Yume magazine.  This is great, but at the same time a bummer because The Hana to Yume only comes out once every 3 months.  Chapter 3 will be release next week, but we probably can’t release the chapter until sometime in February due to a packed schedule and insanely difficult redraws.

The series continues with more frustration for Mikata. Read the rest of this entry

“Rex Fabula” Chapter 3

Rex Fabula Chapter 3 Title PageHomare, just accept that you’re a nice guy and things will go a lot better for you :).  Haha! Homare is quite a surprising character.  I like how he manages to defuse the tension with Vid at the beginning of the chapter.  What to say about this chapter…well it seems to be more set-up.  We now kinda know why Homare is involved with the Mirror world and that he’s not the only student at his school who’s involved.  What’s next, though?  How do you get to talk to God, and who is Vid? Read the rest of this entry