Monthly Archives: September 2011

News: “Seigi no Mikata” gets Serialization!

Great news!  “Seigi no Mikata” is being serialized in The Hana to Yume magazine.  This magazine comes out quarterly in Sept, Dec, Mar, and Jun of every year.  Chapter 2 came out in The Hana to Yume issue 11/2011 and we will be bringing it to you this October.  Look forward to it!

“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Volume 1 is Available for Purchase

“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Volume 1 is available for purchase.  Volume 1 includes chapters 1 – 6, “Hadaka Muffler”, extra 4-coma (4 column comics), and very short omake.  I got my copy through Amazon JP.

Links to purchase:

One-Shot: “Tadashii Hitsuji” (“The Perfect Sheep”)

Here’s the first of our Fall Spooky One-shots, “Tadashii Hitsuji” (“The Perfect Sheep”).  This is a very short one-shot but effectively creepy nonetheless.  The timeless lesson of this story is to never bargain with the Devil.  This story also highlights the fine line between good and evil.  I love how this one-shot manages to pack so much into 10-pages!  Masterfully done Ho Suka!  I hope to see more from this artist.

Links:  (Zip) (PDF)