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“Rex Fabula” Chapter 4

It’s been a while!  “Rex Fabula” is back and then promptly goes bizarro.  Hahaha!  I don’t know what to make of the monster at the end, other than it looks like a monstrous representation of the female anatomy.  Uh…so…um…yeah…hopefully, we’ll get an explanation of that. Read the rest of this entry

“Rex Fabula” Chapter 3

Rex Fabula Chapter 3 Title PageHomare, just accept that you’re a nice guy and things will go a lot better for you :).  Haha! Homare is quite a surprising character.  I like how he manages to defuse the tension with Vid at the beginning of the chapter.  What to say about this chapter…well it seems to be more set-up.  We now kinda know why Homare is involved with the Mirror world and that he’s not the only student at his school who’s involved.  What’s next, though?  How do you get to talk to God, and who is Vid? Read the rest of this entry

Rex Fabula Chapter 2

Rex Fabula Chapter 2 Title Page

First things, first!  I made a translation error in the first chapter on page 32 that is crucial to the story in general.  I’ve updated the chapter, and you should go back and re-read the last half of chapter 1 to re-adjust how your mind exits chapter 1.  I’m sorry about the mistake.  It was an easy mistake to make and I understand why I made it.  Hahaha!  Those of you who understand how “yes” and “no” can sound the same in Japanese, may understand where I’m coming from *wink*.

Anyhow…poor, poor Hamare.  He’s gotten himself into a mess of trouble.  Considering his arrogance, he’s getting exactly what he deserves.  Yes, Homare, life is a game of give and take.  You don’t only get to be on the taking side. Read the rest of this entry