Rex Fabula Chapter 2

Rex Fabula Chapter 2 Title Page

First things, first!  I made a translation error in the first chapter on page 32 that is crucial to the story in general.  I’ve updated the chapter, and you should go back and re-read the last half of chapter 1 to re-adjust how your mind exits chapter 1.  I’m sorry about the mistake.  It was an easy mistake to make and I understand why I made it.  Hahaha!  Those of you who understand how “yes” and “no” can sound the same in Japanese, may understand where I’m coming from *wink*.

Anyhow…poor, poor Hamare.  He’s gotten himself into a mess of trouble.  Considering his arrogance, he’s getting exactly what he deserves.  Yes, Homare, life is a game of give and take.  You don’t only get to be on the taking side.

In this chapter we learn more about what happened to Homare, though, what we learn only leads to more questions.  The biggest question for me by the end of this chapter is what is Suguru’s true status?  I like how Homare ends up solving his dilemma in this chapter and I like that he’s not afraid to admit to himself the true state of his position in order to arrive at a solution.  I get the feeling that regardless of how “hard” Homare wants to seem, in the end, he is quite flexible and actually friendly.  I guess we’ll have to see where this story is leading.  It would be nice, though, if this were a journey to becoming human, rather than a journey to becoming “strong” in the typical style of shounen manga arcs.  Anyhow…here are the links:

Link to “Rex Fabula” Chapter 2:  (Zip) (PDF)

Some further thoughts on the chapter (may contain spoilers):

As a translator, it was tough to decide the name of the guy in Mundus Fabula.  I wavered between “Vid” and “Vido”.  In the end I went with “Vid” because “Vido” sounds too much like an Italian gangster’s name and I didn’t want to paint his character with that brush.  Perhaps, one of these days, the mangaka will give us a hint about what the intended name is.

Vid:  He’s definitely a trickster.  I wonder if  he is a former or current student at that school. It’s still to early to determine much about him other than he’s utterly insane.

Kurumisawa:  Hmm…I wonder will she be an important side character.  It struck me as rather forward of her to ask about the nature of Suguru’s relationship to Homare.  As soon as she asked that, I wanted to know what her angle was.  Is she scheming or is she nice and being curious?

Homare:  Is he a legend in his own mind since he doesn’t seem to be known by all of the students?  And why was he so anxious about making a scene over his collapse?  Does he see it as giving off a sign of weakness?  Or is it simply embarrassment?

Suguru:  Dead or alive? Did he have to pay a price like Homare?


Up Next!  Well there’s a lot that could be potentially going on in October, so I don’t know what’s next.  However, please see the release schedule for the possibilities.  Once again, I got hit with a bunch of new material that may supplant the plans I made 2 months ago.

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  1. Yeah, creepy. CREEEPY. And I think of myself as somewhat immune to creepy stuff in manga by now. Those spider-hand things… And the mirror most of all. It reminds me of this creepy thing I read in a book once and scared the heck out of me.

    I’m interested to see where this goes!

  2. Thanks, this is interesting!
    Humm… I’m rather interested in how the fictional organs work, and how many cards there are, and what Homare is considered in the fictional world.

  3. First and foremost; thank you for all your hard work! ^_^

    Now, cover page. As soon as I saw it, I thought.. “Oew… creepy much?” Lol. And as it turns out, he is creepy. Oh, and.. Homare “jolts” a lot. It’s like almost every time he thinks of something he “jolts”. I wish the mangaka would use a different word every now and then. But, that’s just me.

    As for him being worried about the people coming to get him.. I believe he wishes for people to see or think that he can do things by himself and that he doesn’t need his father (and his fathers “helpers”). From just that one sentence, “He sent his secretary, right?” Makes me believe he has daddy issues.

    And just on a side not, on page 8 Touhei looks like he’s poking himself in the eye (when he’s telling Homare about the glasses) Just amused me.

    Kurumisawa: I believe she is. I’m pretty darn sure she’s part of the fictional world (she’s the girl with the mask, behind Homare who’s on the couch.. I think). She has some secret (or was is a desire that they all have?) and when it’s revealed the mask will be removed. That’s what I believe.

    I didn’t release that Suguru was from the “lower class”. I thought he was on par with the kids in school. But, he seemed troubled about the school doctor, indicating that he’s from a normal And, I think he’s also now part of the fictional world. Not positive, but it seems likely though.

    Now, since he (Homare) “gave away” his heart, lung, and eyes… and his eyes got better, does that mean he has a better heart and lung now as well? Will he have some sort of super heart…? Or is it faulty now and will continue to hurt him? Curious…

    Vid: As for him, I don’t think he was/is a student. After all he was a card in the first chapter. I think he’s someone who either got trapped a long time ago or is an actual member of the world and is looking to get out (thus the reason he’s having Homare look for the fictional “God”). Plus, he looks kinda like a demon or maybe just a crazy person Either way, he and Homare are now “partners” and he might be getting his wish.. uh, desire… whatever.

    And because of the partners thing, it reminds me of “Persona 4”. *laughs* I’m sure their nothing alike, but it just made me think of it. That and “After School Nightmare”. They’re gonna have to battle each other to find the “God” or something like that.

    And that’s all I got. ^_^ Sorry for the long response.

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