“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter Infinity

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Advertisment

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Advertisment

Here is a “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” advertisement/ special short chapter/ announcement.  I debated releasing this, but there is a little story and it’s pretty funny.  Actually, the little story reminds me of the stupid stories my Dad used to tell me when I was little.  Anyhow…

Advertisement — Zoo volume 1 and a Drama CD are available for purchase.

Purchase Links: HMV, Amazon JP (Book, Drama CD), Yes Asia

Special Short Chapter — It’s a short extension of chapter 6

Announcement — Starting with Aria issue 1/2012 (November 28th), “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” will resume on a monthly schedule instead of bi-monthly.

I wonder will it still be 24-pages or will it be shorter but more frequent.

Da Links (Zip) (PDF — best viewed a 67% zoom) — This time the images are little larger to resolve a problem I was having with artifacts.

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  1. I like how Lion rushing come when he hear Eagle’s screaming.

    “How stupid you can be?”

    Thank you for this.

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