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Rex Fabula Chapter 2

Rex Fabula Chapter 2 Title Page

First things, first!  I made a translation error in the first chapter on page 32 that is crucial to the story in general.  I’ve updated the chapter, and you should go back and re-read the last half of chapter 1 to re-adjust how your mind exits chapter 1.  I’m sorry about the mistake.  It was an easy mistake to make and I understand why I made it.  Hahaha!  Those of you who understand how “yes” and “no” can sound the same in Japanese, may understand where I’m coming from *wink*.

Anyhow…poor, poor Hamare.  He’s gotten himself into a mess of trouble.  Considering his arrogance, he’s getting exactly what he deserves.  Yes, Homare, life is a game of give and take.  You don’t only get to be on the taking side. Read the rest of this entry