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Oneshot: “Puzzle” by Morie Satoshi (Mature)

Puzzle_003This is a psychological oneshot from Satoshi Morie. There’s a lot going on here in this seemingly short and simple oneshot, so I’m eager to read readers thoughts on this, especially about what happens on the last page.

Despite coming from The Hana to Yume, this is a mature oneshot.  That’s why it’s here rather than on Crimson Flower.  It’s not much, but you have been warned. Anyhow, I hope to see more oneshots like this in the secondary and special shoujo magazines.  I really like it when mangaka take chances and tell a complicated story.

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Oneshot: “Milkman” by Nangoku Banana

Milkman_001This is a special oneshot from the series “Milkman”. I’ve never read “Milkman” and apparently you don’t need to in order to enjoy this oneshot. But based on this oneshot and my enjoyment of the two Nangoku Banana series from Itan, I will check “Milkman” out.

This is a pretty tame beach romp-comedy, but I decided to put in on Bakeneko’s Lair because the central gag is “adult”. Like “Neko Hiroimashita” this oneshot is a gag manga and has no story. The point is to have a light-hearted laugh :). I like all of the guys in this oneshot. They’re freaking hilarious and I can’t wait to get my hands on the series. We will see more from Nangoku Banana on Bakeneko’s Lair … hmm… most likely around Halloween^^ (that series may be appropriate for OS, but the other one is not).

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Oneshot: “Bright-Red Blushing Boy Akasa” (“Sekimen Danshi Makkaasaa”)

Blushing_Boy_MacArthur_001So… this a tacky oneshot about a shy boy who receives help from a very perverted hamster. Half of the proofreaders hated this oneshot. Me… well… I have a sliver of 12-year boy inside of me, so I thought this was hilarious. True to the type of works we select, there’s sweetness underneath the raunch.  Anyhow… if you are easily offended, stay away from this oneshot.  But if you love Judd Apatow movies (raunchy bromances), then you may appreciate this oneshot. Also, this very 16+… so… Haha… (It’s not that bad in my opinion though…)

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