Oneshot: “Bright-Red Blushing Boy Akasa” (“Sekimen Danshi Makkaasaa”)

Blushing_Boy_MacArthur_001So… this a tacky oneshot about a shy boy who receives help from a very perverted hamster. Half of the proofreaders hated this oneshot. Me… well… I have a sliver of 12-year boy inside of me, so I thought this was hilarious. True to the type of works we select, there’s sweetness underneath the raunch.  Anyhow… if you are easily offended, stay away from this oneshot.  But if you love Judd Apatow movies (raunchy bromances), then you may appreciate this oneshot. Also, this very 16+… so… Haha… (It’s not that bad in my opinion though…)

Anyhow on to the release!Links to “Bright-Red Blushing Boy Akasa”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up for Bakeneko’s Lair is a short-series by Chika Shiomi called “Nanatsu no Kururi”. It’s a series about bishie demon hunters!

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  1. I love Akasa’s purity. I’m a sucker for guys like him. And his crush on Kouzuki is so adorable. XD

  2. psshh. this was a cute story, I don’t see how people could hate it. The main character is such a pure & shy boy~

  3. Thank you very much for your work, I’m looking forward to read!!

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