Oneshot: “Puzzle” by Morie Satoshi (Mature)

Puzzle_003This is a psychological oneshot from Satoshi Morie. There’s a lot going on here in this seemingly short and simple oneshot, so I’m eager to read readers thoughts on this, especially about what happens on the last page.

Despite coming from The Hana to Yume, this is a mature oneshot.  That’s why it’s here rather than on Crimson Flower.  It’s not much, but you have been warned. Anyhow, I hope to see more oneshots like this in the secondary and special shoujo magazines.  I really like it when mangaka take chances and tell a complicated story.

And now onto the link!Link to “Puzzle”: (PDF) (Zip)

We have a more playful oneshot lined up for our next Bakeneko’s Lair release.  Hopefully we’ll get it done in January or February.

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  1. I really loved this one shot. Thank you! The last pages are what made it truly awesome. Miyabi, has a mundane life and clings to Chiaki because he brought some passion into her existence (the intensity of a first love, a first sexual attraction). She’s entirely co-dependent. Chiaki… of course, there’s a darkness in him, after looking at what he’s going through there has to be. I think all his warnings to Miyabi were truthful, but token. He was always in control and at the end he certainly shows her…

  2. This truly is a mature story, but I loved it. 🙂 I also didn’t mind the ending at all. I think it’s exactly how it should have ended. I would’ve been disappointed if it was a “clear” happy ending. And, I think it’s appropriate for the theme of the story that Chiaki’s character wasn’t that “perfect prince” in the end. It went with what Miyabi’s thoughts were at the close of the story, I think. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. I loved it. A great oneshot. I also hope there’ll be more stories like this.
    Thanks for your hard work!

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