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Please Boycott MangaFox and Other Manga Aggregators


See below for more information from someone who was a staff member at MF.


MangaFox has shut the part of their forum that allows scanlation groups to request takedowns of their materials.  MangaFox, also, removed take down privileges from their moderators. (more info) After doing this, the owner of MangaFox, NOEZ, has been reposting materials that groups have specifically asked to be removed.  MangaFox clearly has no respect for scanlation groups or manga in general.  It clear to me that it is MangaFox’s intent to suck English translated manga dry and when it’s dead, move on to the next victim.  I realize that MangaFox makes it easy to read a wide variety of manga series and I realize that this group’s existence enables MangaFox.  However, it was never my intention to enrich anybody else but the creators of the series we translate.  This leaves me in a difficult place because I want to give unknown artist and unknown titles exposure, continue having fun discussing manga with fans, and create wonderful translations, but at the same time, I can’t stop parasites like MangaFox. Read the rest of this entry

“Rex Fabula” Chapter 3

Rex Fabula Chapter 3 Title PageHomare, just accept that you’re a nice guy and things will go a lot better for you :).  Haha! Homare is quite a surprising character.  I like how he manages to defuse the tension with Vid at the beginning of the chapter.  What to say about this chapter…well it seems to be more set-up.  We now kinda know why Homare is involved with the Mirror world and that he’s not the only student at his school who’s involved.  What’s next, though?  How do you get to talk to God, and who is Vid? Read the rest of this entry

“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter Infinity

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Advertisment

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Advertisment

Here is a “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” advertisement/ special short chapter/ announcement.  I debated releasing this, but there is a little story and it’s pretty funny.  Actually, the little story reminds me of the stupid stories my Dad used to tell me when I was little.  Anyhow…

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