One-Shot: “Tadashii Hitsuji” (“The Perfect Sheep”)

Here’s the first of our Fall Spooky One-shots, “Tadashii Hitsuji” (“The Perfect Sheep”).  This is a very short one-shot but effectively creepy nonetheless.  The timeless lesson of this story is to never bargain with the Devil.  This story also highlights the fine line between good and evil.  I love how this one-shot manages to pack so much into 10-pages!  Masterfully done Ho Suka!  I hope to see more from this artist.

Links:  (Zip) (PDF)

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  1. Ugh…chilling, but still interesting.

  2. Too…short…I felt like the author literally jumped through everything. Short stories don’t do well with me, I suppose (except the Furou Kyoudai short version; I liked that)? Even though the story’s finished, I wasn’t satisfied because it felt too rushed.

    Oh, well. It’s a horror story so I can’t help liking it~ Art is very pretty, yep. I liked the unhappy ending, I did 😀

    Thanks very much for the release!

  3. Yep this one was pretty good for 10 pgs. Good horror slowly creeps up, drops the bomb on you, then quickly escapes; a 1-2-3 punch if you will, and this one-shot does that very nicely. Thanks for the chapter =03.

  4. Aww, I feel bad for Adolf. He tried to hard and ended up the being the sacrifice nonetheless. Poor guy. Oh, well. As you said, never bargain with the devil.

    It was an interesting one-shot. Short, but still pact full off an interesting plot. Also the art was/is quite lovely. ^_^ Thank you sharing this and for all your hard work.

  5. Thank you for the release, but is there a download link?

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