“Rex Fabula” Preview!

“Rex Fabula” is coming very soon!  This is our first translation of a series from Comic Gene.  It’s a suspense thriller and only the second work I’ve seen with this kind of first chapter.  Here is a preview!

Please look forward to the release of the full chapter!

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting opening. I look forward to seeing the rest. The mirror (when it was in the room) reminded me of Harry Potter..lol.

    Suguru, I have a feeling that he’s gonna be my favorite character in the series. ^_^ Thanks for the preview!

  2. Interesting beginning indeed! Suspense thriller sounds great. Also, I like the main character from the first impression – apathetic, self-focused guys (who look hot in glasses) are always win~

    Are there any fantasy elements involved in this series? That mirror and the people involved give that feeling.

    Am eagerly looking forward to this release!

  3. Ugh…the images are totally blurry…It looks like WP lowered the quality :(. Oh well…I guess it’s fine for a preview.

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