“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Poll Results and News!

It looks like Eagle is the King of the Upper Yard!  Hooray for Eagle!  I’m sorry to all of you who wanted to vote for Condor.

And now bit of Zoo news!  Zoo volume 1 will be released on September 7th! If you want your own copy of Zoo, contact me and I can facilitate your purchase from either Amazon Japan or Yes Asia.    This news also means that Zoo has more than one chapter to go since chapter 7 will be coming out after 3 weeks after the release of Volume 1.  I wonder, now that the Upper Yard issue is resolved, does the united Upper Yard have to deal with the Lower Yard and the non-allied “Ultimate Warrior” mentioned in the first chapter (page 6).  Hmm…I wonder what animals live in the Lower Yard?  We haven’t seen any tigers yet or an ostrich.  A stupid ostrich would be GREAT!  I guess we have to wait and see!

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  1. Need… more… Zebra…

  2. Yay for Eagle-kun! See how awesome you are, even though you can’t fly? ^_^

    It’s okay that I couldn’t vote for Condor. Eagle was meh 2nd favorite so, it’s all good. ~_^

    I now totally want to see a stupid self-centered, slightly narcissist ostrich..lol. Then some wolves (did we have wolves already… I don’t think so), tigers, and a hippo. Come chapter 7, show me what you got!! Lol.

  3. Yay, Eagle! Well, I vote for Lion xD But Eagle it’s one of my other favorite characters~
    An ostrich would be worth seeing xD

  4. Congrats to Eagle! Hope there will be more Zoo.
    I certainly ship Eagle x Snowy Owl x Lion.

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