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Series Debut: Rex Fabula Chapter 1

Woohoo!  We managed to start “Rex Fabula” sooner than planned!  This is our first series from  Comic Gene magazine, the Shounen manga magazine for females.  I’m still not sure what that means, but maybe we’ll discover the meaning of that concept as we dive into some of the series.  Anyhow…”Rex Fabula” (“Fictional King”) is a suspense thriller and the first chapter ends on a nasty note and gives no hint about what this series is truly about.  We do, though, get a good idea about the personality of the main character Akatsuki Homare.  And now for the links: Read the rest of this entry

“Rex Fabula” Preview!

“Rex Fabula” is coming very soon!  This is our first translation of a series from Comic Gene.  It’s a suspense thriller and only the second work I’ve seen with this kind of first chapter.  Here is a preview! Read the rest of this entry