Series Debut: Rex Fabula Chapter 1

Woohoo!  We managed to start “Rex Fabula” sooner than planned!  This is our first series from  Comic Gene magazine, the Shounen manga magazine for females.  I’m still not sure what that means, but maybe we’ll discover the meaning of that concept as we dive into some of the series.  Anyhow…”Rex Fabula” (“Fictional King”) is a suspense thriller and the first chapter ends on a nasty note and gives no hint about what this series is truly about.  We do, though, get a good idea about the personality of the main character Akatsuki Homare.  And now for the links:Update 9/27/2011:  Major change to page 32.  I’m sorry for the brain fart. 

Links to “Rex Fabula” chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF — for mobile and tablets) — Please do not upload Bakeneko’s Lair releases to any manga aggregation site.

Please give us some feedback on the first chapter of this series.  I will reserve my thoughts until the next chapter.  I don’t feel I know enough about what’s going on to comment yet.  I did, though, enjoy this first chapter A LOT.

Next up is the first chapter of “Servamp”.

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  1. Awesome! Alternate universes, time travel and stuff like that hooks me instantly. I cant wait for more. Thanks guys. Oh I really want to see what Antimagia is about.

  2. Hmm…I raced through the pages in no time. It’s a suspense thriller alright. The first chapter itself kept me on my toes. And what a cliffhanger! /tears hair

    I like the feel I get from Homare. He makes an interesting protagonist – yeah, he has the typical shounen “I need to be on top of everyone for whatever reason” character, but I like the fact that his thing is control. I knew he couldn’t be SO strong in his desire to control that he’d leave his friend to die~

    Speaking of the plot, I’m so excited about the many, many directions it can take off in! So much potential is there…I hope Rex Fabula becomes something original instead of using ideas that are already in use. I suppose it might be one of those psychological thrillers where morality is questioned, along with loads of actions (please please please let that be true because those are my favourite sort of stories~~) since its theme is control.

    I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the other characters. Suguru is somewhere between my like/dislike overlapping range — he’s a good, pure boy but easy pushover, it seems. I hope his character builds into something that can reinforce both Homare’s character and the story itself, not an obstruction to both.

    Thanks so much for releasing this interesting title! Everyone did awesome work on it 😀 Definitely looking forward to the upcoming chapters. And Servamp as well!

    p.s. It’s really bugging me — I wonder why exactly the teacher sent Homare to the old building to get those “stuff”. Which classroom subject would require you to have a list of things that are also stored in an old, unused building? >__<

  3. Ooooh, that was a very intriguing chapter and what a cliffhanger. I’m very curious to see what will happen next and who those other masked characters are. Thank you so much for the top notch release!

  4. the story line is interesting ^o^ and the characters too …
    i hope u continue the manga ^^

  5. A beautiful series and very well done translations. Would say one of the better scanlation quality I’ve seen in a while. Hope you’ll be able to keep it up. Take care

  6. Thank you so much for the chapter!!!! It was sure intense!

    I really enjoyed the art style, and like the gothic touches. Homare looks like he will be an interesting character to follow.

  7. Heh, heh.. I am not good with the e-mails! *bangs head against desk* Again, I am apologizing to you. Maybe next time I might get it in time (if there is a next time)

    Now, first and foremost, thank you for all your hard work! You and your crew are awesome! ^_^

    Onto Rex Fabula – *twiddles thumbs waiting for it to load*

    Wow, Homare can put on a creepy face. *shrudders* Suguru live!! Live my fictional friend, live! My, my. Homare turns out to be a good guy. I thought he’d be all, “I’ll have my way, muwahahahahaha” and evil-like. Turns out he’s a nice fellow who just doesn’t want to be controlled (might have a controlling family). Especially by a card, whose not really a card. *shrugs* It was an interesting first chapter. You don’t often see the main guy die right off the bat. So, yeah, I’ll following it.

    But, I am thinking this might be a battle-royal school-who-comes-out-on-top theme. Of course I am not entirely sure, since it IS the 1st chapter, but.. it seems to be leaning a little that way. Oh, well. won’t know for sure until further down the road. ^_^

    ps: The title page, “Exposing the desires behind the mask.” I get why Homare doesn’t have his mask on, because we know his desire.. but why doesn’t Suguru…? Curious.

    • I haven’t read “Battle Royal”, but I assume it’s a bloody fight for the leader of a high school. Looking at Chapters 2 and 3, that doesn’t appear to be the case to me for “Rex Fabula”.

      And Suguru with no mask…hmm…my gut tells me because he’s very pure person that doesn’t hide anything. But…he is holding a mask, so maybe he’ll have something to hide later.

      • I see. I suppose that’s why I would never make it as a

        Yeah, it might be something later. Like the desire to be Homare’s friend again? *shrugs* We shall see in later chapters. ^_^

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