“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter 6

We are heading toward the end “Kemono Kingdom” Zoo”! I think this is the second to last chapter. I’m looking forward to a great ending to this very entertaining series. Chapter 6 features more Lion and Eagle fun. I REALLY like those two together and I will miss them when this series ends. Anyhow… on to the links!

Links to “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter 6: (Zip) (PDF)

Oh! and take the “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Poll! Let everyone know which animal rules the Upperyard! Link: http://polldaddy.com/poll/5393065/ (I couldn’t get the embed to work :()

Next up after this will either be the debut of one of our series “Rex Fabula” or “Servamp” or the one-shot “Neko Hiroimashita”

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  1. I finally got around to reading this series. So cute! So funny! I absolutely love it ^_^

  2. Zebra will rule the upper yard.
    He’s very dependable… if you need a ride ūüôā ‚̧

  3. That was a rather random, but well thought out chapter.. I guess..lol. I liked it though, very amusing.

    You know, I started out iffy with this story, but now I adore it and am sad to see it end. Thank you very much for translating it! Oh! And Lion’s hair-cut looks great! Excellent job Eagle! ::laughs::

    Aw, you didn’t have Condor (sp?) in your poll. He’s meh favorite, then Eagle and Lion. ^_^

    Again, thank you!

  4. It was so hard choosing who was my favourite…If I could, I would have voted for everyone, haha! I love all of ’em so much. In the end, I ended up choosing Kangaroo. You can’t help picking a kangaroo with cool shades, a sewn on pouch that is endlessly deep and who can charm all the animals, can you? xD

    Aww, Zoo is coming to an end…it saddens me. I do agree that it’s better than dragging out things and finishing off while the humour is fresh, but I’ll miss Zebra’s “Do you wanna ride me?!” a lot. And LION — with short hair, he looks so damn good! I’ve always liked Lion and this chap made me like him even more; he’s such a nice dude in actuality.

    I look forward to the Comic Gene series! Thanks so much for the release. Oh, and “It’s bottom is wide.” — that was just pure gold. I especially loved the earnest expression Eagle had while saying that!

  5. Thank you for the release. Lion and Eagle were so cute together in this chapter. Especially Lion, he’s a honest boy, isn’t he?

    Btw, I voted for Banana. Yeah! he’s my fav. character. xD

  6. Me again, sorry for the double comment, but I have finished reading.
    I will just say: Do you wanna ride me?! *O*
    xDDDD Sorry, that was just too hilarious xD
    I love Lion with his new appearance *^* It’s a pity that is going to finish, but is better short and nice that long and getting boring.

  7. Nice cover! I also really like the pair of Eagle and Lion~ They are really amusing when they are together xD
    I wil be looking forward for the new projects~

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