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“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Poll Results and News!

It looks like Eagle is the King of the Upper Yard!  Hooray for Eagle!  I’m sorry to all of you who wanted to vote for Condor.

And now bit of Zoo news!  Zoo volume 1 will be released on September 7th! Read the rest of this entry

“Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter 6

We are heading toward the end “Kemono Kingdom” Zoo”! I think this is the second to last chapter. I’m looking forward to a great ending to this very entertaining series. Chapter 6 features more Lion and Eagle fun. I REALLY like those two together and I will miss them when this series ends. Anyhow… on to the links!

Links to “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapter 6: (Zip) (PDF)

Oh! and take the “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Poll! Let everyone know which animal rules the Upperyard! Link: (I couldn’t get the embed to work :()

Next up after this will either be the debut of one of our series “Rex Fabula” or “Servamp” or the one-shot “Neko Hiroimashita”

Relaunch! “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapters 1 – 5

“Kemono Kingdom:  Zoo” is moving to Bakeneko’s Lair.  It isn’t getting much readership on Omari’s Sister and I suspect it’s because the series doesn’t fit in well there due to the serious lack of shoujo-ness.  I thought, perhaps, this blog will attract an audience that will like “Zoo” and  because “Zoo” gets so little attention on Omari’s Sister that I don’t see what there is to lose.   If you’ve never read “Kemono Kingdom:  Zoo”, please give the first two chapters a try.  It is a gag manga and it is one of my favorite series to translate. Read the rest of this entry