One-shot: “Seigi no Mikata”

Here’s our debut project for Bakeneko’s Lair! “Seigi no Mikata”! I’m pretty surprised this one-shot appeared in Hana to Yume magazine since it’s not typical shoujo. It has quite a bit of action, some coarse humor, and some coarse language. I thought it would be a nice way to ease us into Bakeneko’s Lair. Anyhow, despite his rough edges, the main character Mikata is adorable and the story itself is pretty solid. And now onto the links:

Links to “Seigi no Mikata”: (Zip) (PDF)

My Thoughts on “Seigi no Mikata”

I want more! I want see Mikata deal more with his responsibility as a hero. Will there be a moment when he, himself, chooses to do heroic acts in that silly costume? I also want to see Mikata learn that not every situation can be resolved by fighting. I like the interaction between Mikata and S. What is the “Hero Program”? I’d like to see some of the other heroes come together and share their embarrassment and what is the technology or person who is picking up the SOS brainwaves? Also, I’d like to see Mikata deal with his family issues and to see him decide for himself what he wants to do with his life.

Recently many of the one-shots that have run in Hana to Yume have become one-volume series, so I hope “Seigi no Mikata” gets the same treatment. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it!

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  1. Thank you so much for this oneshot!! It was really hilarious!!!

  2. thanks for sharing ^^

  3. ‘Sakuraiya Blooming’ and the costume, that was the most awesome thing ever xD especially the costume. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at the shorts. SHORTS! OMG /bursts into peals of laughter again

    This story has loads of potential. I don’t care if it’s one of those double personality ideas; the humour is totally worth it~ I’d love to see it serialised as well.

    (And the second time he transformed – that had me snorting with laughter too, such a GIRLY POSE! Gyahaha!)

    Thanks so much for bringing this to us! I think Seigi made a very satisfying debut release for Bakeneko’s Lair.

  4. Thanks for the chapter guys…

  5. Looks promising! I wonder about S- seems a little strange that he just happens to be the brother of the protagonist’s love interest. Then again, maybe the relationship was put in because of the sheer awkwardness of situation lol >o>

  6. Girls always fall for the “heroes”.

    That was great, thank you for sharing it. I laughed through the whole thing and the Blizzard moment was the best. Ah, that was awesome.

    I, like you, wish for this to continue. I would love to see how it would go.

    Thank you for this and all of your hard work!

  7. That was pretty funny! Heroes actually do magical girl-style transformations! And lol at the “strong coercion button”!

  8. Hahahaha, that was seriously funny!!! And really cute as well, I hope this becomes a series. I’m rooting for Mikata and the girl he loves, I hope she falls for his 2 “personalities”, the real one and his embarrassing alter-ego, that would rock, hahaha.

  9. LOL! That was great! I love how he was freaking out about how embarrassing it all was. And the transformation sequence was just hilarious! Poor guy. I hope there ends up being more. Thanks for scanlating it!

  10. Lol xD This was awesome! Love that technique he used in the end. I think I laughed so hard I scared my upstairs neighbor ~

    I do second your hopes that this gets a collection of one-shots. Would love to have this added to my own collection 8D

    • Yeah, that Cherry Blossom Blizzard move as a little over the top. I’m surprised it didn’t knock out Sendou too. I think so far this is my favorite comedy one-shot that I’ve translated. I am praying for more Mikata. That was pure entertainment. This one shot makes me curious about Mitsubachi-sensei current series “Love Text”. I wonder if it’s as stoopid.

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