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One-shot: “Seigi no Mikata”

Here’s our debut project for Bakeneko’s Lair! “Seigi no Mikata”! I’m pretty surprised this one-shot appeared in Hana to Yume magazine since it’s not typical shoujo. It has quite a bit of action, some coarse humor, and some coarse language. I thought it would be a nice way to ease us into Bakeneko’s Lair. Anyhow, despite his rough edges, the main character Mikata is adorable and the story itself is pretty solid. And now onto the links:

Links to “Seigi no Mikata”: (Zip) (PDF)

My Thoughts on “Seigi no Mikata”
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Relaunch! “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chapters 1 – 5

“Kemono Kingdom:  Zoo” is moving to Bakeneko’s Lair.  It isn’t getting much readership on Omari’s Sister and I suspect it’s because the series doesn’t fit in well there due to the serious lack of shoujo-ness.  I thought, perhaps, this blog will attract an audience that will like “Zoo” and  because “Zoo” gets so little attention on Omari’s Sister that I don’t see what there is to lose.   If you’ve never read “Kemono Kingdom:  Zoo”, please give the first two chapters a try.  It is a gag manga and it is one of my favorite series to translate. Read the rest of this entry