Seigi no Mikata Teaser

Seigi no Mikata TeaserQuick tempered, dirt poor brawler Kotarou Mikata can’t hold down job because he always ends up beating the crap out of some errant customer.  Just when he’s at wit’s end, “S” offers Mikata a job as a “hero”.  But what exactly does it mean to be a hero?  Join Mikata on his WTF journey from brawler to hero in the action romantic comedy “Seigi no Mikata”!

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  1. Good thing my grandma wasn’t behind me hahaha.
    This looks so awesome, looking forward to it too.

  2. Lol. It looks like it’s gonna be funny. And the magical transformation reminds me of Takuto from Star Drive.

  3. Colorful language makes the flowers even prettier, I suppose. Haha P:

    …is that a Magical boy transformation??

  4. First comment on Bakeneko’s Lair~ Whoa, I was NOT expecting Seigi no Mikata to be…like this, hehe. It does make it a tad more interesting. Looking forward to it soon!

    Also, this whole idea of Bakeneko’s Lair is cool. The banner looks so great up there!

    • Yes, it’s a very unusual one-shot for something coming out of Hana to Yume magazine. It’s also got a fair amount of swearing.

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