Coming Soon!

Update: Our first release will be the one-shot “Seigi no Mikata”. I decided to move it over because I didn’t want to tone down some of the coarse language to make it more appropriate for OS and it’s got a lot of action. “Seigi no Mikata” will release by the end of July.


Bakeneko’s Lair is coming soon! This blog is where we release the series from Comic Gene and all other series and one-shots that fall outside what’s fits into the type of projects we do on the main Omari’s Sister website (mostly action oriented and a little racy). Our first two series will be:

  • “Rex Fabula”
  • “Servamp”

We will also have some one-shot on deck.

We hope to getting started with our first release in September (maybe we can pull off something sooner…)

About K3

I am a mechanical and structural engineer by training. My interests are anime, manga, consumer electronics, cooking and gardening.

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  1. 8D yay ~ looking forward to seeing your future releases! Good luck (love the header BTW)

  2. Oh! I can’t wait. This blog looks great by the way. Though, I must say, I am rather used to orange

  3. I think it looks great. Thanks for all the hard work you do. I can’t wait for the site to be up and running.

  4. Yay!

    You don’t have access to the css?
    The font looks a bit weird to me, like I’m not viewing it at 100% size.

  5. Wow, new site! The idea is really good and I think the layout looks okay (of course, I like the banner, since I did it xD I am glad that is going to be here, it fits perfectly)
    I will be looking forward for the new projects~

    • Thank you! I’m pretty psyched :). We may actually have our first release pretty this week. The one-shot “Seigi no Mikata” has more foul language than I expected.

  6. Hooray! It’s up =D

    layout’s okay but it looks… hhmm.. how about a darker theme? To match the person in the banner (Fufu xD) and to seem more… err… badass! xD

    • I don’t think it’s worth $30 have access to the CSS just to change the from white…so we’ll have to go with this until a better theme shows up or WordPress allows easy CSS changes.

  7. Congratulations!
    Did you really need to take on more work?
    Don’t forget you need time to just read for your own pleasure.

    • There will be no incremental work. We’ll slowly migrate work over this blog so there’s 2/3 OS and 1/3 Bakeneko by the end of the year.

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