Josei Oneshot: “Butakai Ouji to 100-kai Kisu” Part 2

Swineherd_Prince_070Here is the second part of “Butakai Ouji to 100-kai Kisu” and with that, the story comes to an end. I really enjoyed working on this project.  It was an important project for me to take on in terms of getting used to no help from furigana (kanji only) and the mature content. I really wanted to see whether I could do josei to my satisfaction and now that I’ve done this, I feel a lot more confident about taking on josei projects in the future. I want to thank MnD for cleaning help, Clairpartfait and Jade for helping me with the translation, and Zenny for proofreading and QC. Great job everyone!

If you like this story, I suggest you purchase the book and give Tsunami Umino some love. It’s a very high quality book with a nice glossy wrapper cover, thick pages, and it’s large format. It’s well worth the 667-yen.  Here’s are some links to purchase:

(As of today, the books are sold out.  I hope there will be a new run in a couple of weeks.)

It’s late in my part of the world now and I’m sleepy. So I’m going to do the release now and then write my thoughts in a comment tomorrow.

And now onto the release!Link to “Butakai Ouji to 100-kai Kisu” Part 2: (PDF)

The next project on Bakeneko’s Lair will be a naughty gag comedy featuring a panty thief who gets reincarnated into a very anatomically correct hamster (no, I’m not joking). Hopefully, we’ll be able to release it some time this winter. As for Omari’s Sister, next will be the last two chapters of “Ojousama no Untenshu” to continue our December month of romance.

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  1. I loved this one shot- thank you.

    What I loved most is the character development- we get to know the motivations behind their actions and why the characters were the way the were. That’s the thing that bugs me about fairy tales- a princess or prince will have some weird request and people go off to do their bidding as if it was completely normal.

    I adored the quirkiness of the modern inclusions as well.

  2. Even though that i didn’t quite like the art, i loved the story! You did a fantastic job and i’ll be super happy if you work on other josei projects. It’s a refreshing change :3

  3. Thank you for translating this oneshot.
    I really enjoy it 🙂

  4. What’s up with the internet and gps part, when they mentioned a credit card I was like lol what on earth, I gave me a good laugh!

  5. As hater of the original fairy tale, I am quite surprised that this adaption was well made. I like it!

    My gripes with the original was that it painted the princess with every dump and bitchy personality with no redeeming quality, it didnt even explain why the princess hated natural and living things.

    This adaption actually fixed my gribes with the original, at least it showed that the prince was SOMEWHAT resentful for ruining the princess’s life.

    I pretty much loved the fact that the main conflict was these two didnt understand the other’s felling and why they explained their actions, that was pretty well made and gave some good morales which flowed naturally into the happy conclusion.

    You made a mediocre story into a lovely one with important morale, Good job Mr. Mangaka!

  6. I absolutely adored this, my first thought was ‘OMG, I hope it doesn’t stick with the original’ and I’m so glad it didn’t XD This was an awesome oneshot, nice and steamy too X3 I’d love to see more stories like this ^_^ I actually liked the GPS quirk btw, it’s funny 🙂

  7. Glad to know that the ending is different from the original fairytale. A satisfying end to a tastefully done story. 🙂 Thank you so much for translating this series.

  8. Thank you for your hard work, i really enjoyed this oneshot! *.*
    though the gps and laptom were a little funny xD

  9. thank you so much for the release! I really enjoyed the ending, and yes I also think that it was better than the original fairy tale (:
    Good job on scanlating it guys! much appreciated.

  10. That was an amazing one-shot. I’ve rarely been as pulled in by a manga before; it was beautiful, expressive and I love how it kept the feel of a proper old-fashioned fairytale. Thank you so much for releasing this – it must have been a lot of work but what a wonderful Christmas gift!

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