“Seigi no Mikata” Chapter 2

“Seigi no Mikata” is now serialized in The Hana to Yume magazine.  This is great, but at the same time a bummer because The Hana to Yume only comes out once every 3 months.  Chapter 3 will be release next week, but we probably can’t release the chapter until sometime in February due to a packed schedule and insanely difficult redraws.

The series continues with more frustration for Mikata. Being a hero is quite inconvenient, the girl he likes, Sendou, is dense, and everyone thinks poor Mikata is a criminal.  The pacing of the original one-shot is maintained, but nothing much in terms of an over arching story has appeared.  I can’t tell whether this series will ever have an over arching story or be episodic.  Personally, I prefer some sort of over arching story, even if it’s a loose one. Regardless, Mikata is adorable and I love that the Mitsubachi-sense let him be an imperfect, ill-mannered teenaged boy.

Onto the link!

Link to “Seigi no Mikata” Chapter 2:  (PDF)

Next up!  “Kemono Kingdom” Zoo” Chp 7!  We tried really hard to get “Rex Fabula” out, but there are some tough redraws and we ran out of time between all the end of the school term stress and holiday festivities. We’ll get chapter 4 out as soon as possible in January.

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  1. hahahahahah this manga is sooo funny! and i love the art its great! thanks for the update…. i thought tht the 1st chapter was the last one so at first i was kinda upset with the ending but now tht i know that its still continuing i LOVE the story! lol cant wait for the update and thanks for updating it! good luck 😉

  2. Very funny!

  3. I really hope that ‘S’ happens to drop a note at the school explaining all of the “toilet” runs LOL

  4. I really enjoy this manga. I am a huge Sailormoon and super heroes fan and this manga makes fun of everything from Sailormoon’s sexual transformation to cheesy speeches. I love it. Thanks so much for translating and distributing it.

  5. Those transformation scenes still disturb me… XD
    Thank you for the scanlation!

  6. Poor Mikata, what’s he going to do when his crush likes his hidden identity? This chapter brought a lot of laughs to my day. Thanks for all the hard the work! 😀

  7. Will there be a download link?

  8. YESSSS!!!
    Totally lovin’ this series so I’m glad to hear it’s being serialized now. Thanks so much for continuing this project and the new chapter! xD

  9. I DID see the dog thing coming from a mile away, but it was still really cute. I think I enjoyed this chapter even better than the first.

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