Josei Oneshot: “Butakai Ouji to 100-kai Kisu” (The Swineherd Prince and the 100 Kisses”) Part 1


It’s been a while! But I suppose that’s to be expected since mature content is not our focus at Omari’s Sister. Anyhow, this is our first adult josei project. It’s by no stretch hentai or anything you’d see in a ledicomi, but it’s graphic enough that I’d say this is for folks 16 and older.

This oneshot is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale “The Swineherd.” The first 75% of the first part adheres to the original story.  The second part, though, is a continuation of the story purely from the mind of Tsunami Umino.  I like Umino-sensei’s version a lot better. This is a story I can easily visualize as a live action movie. Actually, I would love to see this as a movie. It’d make a great chick-flick.  Needless to say, this is one of my favorite oneshots so far.  I still like “World’s End Garden” better. I’ll have more to say about my thoughts on this oneshot when I release the second part. The matters in this story are complex and the full complexity isn’t revealed until the second part.

Please let us know if you like stories like this. If you want more, then I’ll keep my eye out for mature oneshot and short project possibilities. I have more works in my manga collection by this mangaka, so we can and we will explore more of this artist’s work in the future.

And now onto the release! Read the rest of this entry

Aka Lala One-shot: “S no Kaikoroku” (“Memoirs of a Sadist”) by Akane Ogura

(Note: There are a few of you who have gotten the wrong idea. If you are looking for hard-core materials, this is not the place. This is a blog for more mature shoujo, shounen, and josei manga.)

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything on Bakeneko’s Lair.  I’ve been going through the process of changing the scope of the blog from shounen manga to mature and josei manga.  This is our first release under the new scope.

This is a one-shot from Aka Lala.  Aka Lala’s theme is “passion,” so many of the one-shots are quite intense.  I’m not gonna lie; this oneshot is disturbing. It gets into S & M more than I’m comfortable with, but at the same time it’s very thought provoking. Anyhow, if you are squeamish, I recommend staying away from this oneshot.  Also you might not want to look at this at work or with kids around.  Here’s the release link: Read the rest of this entry

“Servamp” Chapter 2

Hooray!  “Servamp” is back! I’m sorry for the long delay!  We now have a dedicated translator and typesetter for the series, so it should come out now once every 1 or 2 months.

I enjoyed this second chapter more than the first.  The pacing is a lot better and the Sleepy Ash character seems to be growing in complexity.  I want to know more about him and his relationship to his brothers.  In this chapter we meet the first of his brothers, Tsubaki.  Tsubaki in short could be called nihilistic. The question is why does he want to crap on everyone’s parade.  I suppose we’ll learn more in chapter 3! Read the rest of this entry